To ensure that our food is always "Assuring, Safe and Healthy."

Corporate Information

Ajisen Ramen was founded in 1968 in Kumamoto, Japan by Mr Takaharu Shigemitsu. In 1997, Katsuaki Shigemitsu took over as the president of Ajisen ramen after Mr Takaharu Shigemitsu passed away. In 1996 Ajisen Ramen expanded internationally. Today, Ajisen Ramen totals over 750 branches all over the world, namely Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Canada and the U.S.A.

Ajisen Ramen specializes ramen in tonkotsu soup, which is pork bone soup. It has lots of collagen in the soup which is good for health and prevents aging. Our noodle is made from wheat flour and cooked to al dente. With the addition of Senmiyu (our secret recipe), a rich brown sauce that accompanies the Tonkotsu soup, a bowl of ajisen ramen is tasty, delicious and satisfying. Just as the old Shigemitsu-San saying "安心 ,安全 , 健康" which means assuring, safe and healthy.

Ajisen Ramen Melbourne opened its first outlet on 11/11/2004 at 130 Bourke St Melbourne 3000. Subsequently Sydney and Adelaide opened it stores. In 2011 Ajisen Ramen Melbourne expanded and opened its second outlet at 367 Burwood Rd Hawthorn, the third outlet at 82 Kingsway Glen Waverley, the fourth outlet at Shop 13 211 La Trobe St Melbourne Central and an outlet at 13 Market St Boxhill. We are a growing company which currently employs more than 100 staffs Australia wide. We will continue to grow and expect at least 2 outlets to be opened in Year 2014.

Our goal is to make sure our customers get the best quality food at the most affordable price and also to follow our headquarter's motto of always ensure that our food is "assuring, safe and healthy". Our aim is also to be the best ramen restaurant in Melbourne.

Our Products

Noodles and key ingredients are mostly imported from Japan and China. Ajisen Headquarter has a factory in China that produces all ramen noodles. Other key ingredients are produced in Japan. Quality is controlled and we have the best ingredients as the key ingredients are sourced in Japan and could not be sourced in Australia and thus differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We try to bring the closest Japanese ramen taste to the people of Australia.